Top Brands in Electronics

At Quale's Electronics, you’ll find what you’re looking for. We have a great selection of TVs on display and sell all the top brands of high definition televisions from Sony, Samsung and LG.

We will discuss your needs and assist you in deciding which product would be best for your home.

Quale's Electronics
Quale's Electronics

We Meet Your Requirements

At Quale’s Electronics, you'll find a great selection of the very latest in the ever-changing and ever-improving home entertainment technology.


  • Samsung Premium 8K QLED
  • Sony and LG OLED TV'S
  • Dish Hopper 3 Ultimate DVR

Come to our store to experience all of these top of the line models that are not available at the big box stores.


Your TV viewing experience would not be complete without a soundbar or component surround sound system. Get high-quality sound to match the excellent picture of your new TV.

We have the very latest systems from Bose, Samsung and Sony at competitive prices.


We have the latest audio components from Sony, Denon and Marantz. And speakers from Klipsch, KLH and Polk Audio.

With our sound room, you can listen to many different speakers and receiver combinations, so you will know if the audio system you've selected is the right one for you.

Home Theater Seating

We also sell TV bases, wall mounts, and theater seating to complete your TV room.

If you need a motorized lift and recline chair, we have great deals on a good selection from Mega Motion.